Moon halo简谱+歌词

最近有点小感伤,或许是因为父母的,也或许是因为自己的一些原因。调整一下,听听曾今喜欢的小曲,顺便看看B站大佬 @沁澜斯博鹭 的简谱,原帖地址:点击跳转 分享一下这首积极的 崩坏3经典-薪炎永燃 背景曲。【本文图文如有侵权联系本人删除】



Some deserts on this planet were oceans once这颗星球上的一些沙漠曾是海洋
Somewhere shrouded by the night, the sun will shine被黑夜笼罩的地方 也会迎来阳光
Sometimes I see a dying bird fall to the ground偶尔也会见到濒死的鸟跌落地面
But it used to fly so high 但它也曾展翅高飞过
I thought I were no more than a bystander Till I felt a touch so real我本以为我不过是个旁观者 直到我感觉到如此真实的触碰
I will no longer be a transient When I see smiles with tears当我看到人们含泪的微笑 我便不再是个匆匆过客
If I have never known the sore of farewell and pain of sacrifices如果不曾知晓生离死别的伤痛
What else should I engrave on my mind又该将什么铭记于心
Frozen into icy rocks, that's how it starts (that's how it starts)冰冻成石一般的开端
Crumbled like the sands of time, that's how it ends (that's how it ends)沙漏崩落一般的终结
Every page of tragedy is thrown away(is thrown away)悲剧的每一页已被烈焰燃尽
Burned out in the flame
A shoulder for the past给过往一个肩膀
Let out the cries imprisoned for so long让久被禁锢的哭泣得以放声
A pair of wings for me at this moment给此刻的自己一双翅膀
To soar above this world翱翔于世界的上空
Turn into a shooting star that briefly shines but warms up every heart化为一颗流星 给心灵一瞬的希望
May all the beauty be blessed愿所有的美好都能得到祝福
May all the beauty be blessed愿所有的美好都能得到祝福
I will never go我不会离开
There's a way back home回归之路就在前方
Brighter than tomorrow and yesterday比过往与未来都要更加闪耀着
May all the beauty be blessed愿所有的美好都能得到祝福
Wave good-bye to the past when hope and faith have grown so strong and sound (have grown so strong and sound)当希望和信念羽翼丰满 就向昨日告别吧
Unfold this pair of wings for me again再一次为我张开这双翅膀
To soar above this world (soar above this world)翱翔于世界的上空
Turned into a moon that always tells the warmth and brightness of the sun (and brightness of the sun)化为月亮长久地传达着太阳的光亮
May all the beauty be blessed愿所有的美好都能得到祝福
May all the beauty be blessed愿所有的美好都能得到祝福